• There’s nothing quite it’s great to have the presence of an Official Life Book of World Records.
  • Judge For showcasing your achievement on a platform that attracts higher media attention.  And makes your event graceful and unforgettable with on the site verification and certification.
  • Our Official Unique World Records Representative will attend your event for on the site verification and certification 

Benefit From:

  • Get an instant reply to every query in a single working day.
  • we complete your application form and evidence requirements
  • Designated Record Manager to guide you to complete your application.
  • Immediate processing of your application and receipt of your record guidelines.
  • In-the-moment’ verification of your record On Spot Evidence Verification and instant Certification at the event, essential for audience and media engagement.
  • Make your Official Record Event ‘look the part’ – produce branded t-shirts and banners with the official LIFE BOOK OF WORLDRECRODS.
  • *Subject to terms and conditions of use.